SREYO provides multiple layers of services that compile to solutions that meet practical operational needs.  SREYO is the choice for Managed Services Solution Delivery for clients who require to meet higher efficiency.  SREYO is now delivering specialized Private Managed Technology Services for financial clients who want hands-free scalability.

Managed Service Solutions

Are you caught up managing an Technology Operation, where you are confined to your location, tapped out in top talent.  Wish you had another location where you had some managed IT services without the headache of maintaining another branch?  This is a typical example many industries face today especially those who want to be within hands reach and frown on offshoring for legal or financial reasons.  Some of the services we leverage to compile a custom solution for you need are:
  • Technology Services
  • Financial Services
  • Workforce Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Production Services

Technology Solutions 

Turn on the switch and have a dedicated technology team work on your project.  The time wasted in recruiting, interviewing, testing, training, allocating desks, setting up systems, HR contracts and legalities, payroll and taxes, termination and unemployment are costs that affect the bottom line.  When an employ leaves unexpectedly the time to replacement affects your bottom line far more.

Implementing a managed service solution for technology services with SREYO will allow you to scale up and down as your needs declare and at the same time you leverage a different talent pool from your current operations. 

A talented workforce can deliver technology needs in half the time resulting in half the cost. 

We have leveraged our solutions expertise by having satellite offices in localities within 10 miles reach of the highest density of IT professionals residences.  Why?  We are able to attract top tier talent because we eliminate commute time to work, and keep them close to home where they are comfortable.   In the technology industry we pride ourselves on attracting, maintaining and developing a talented workforce because it goes hand in hand with delivery of technology services.
Why Partner with SREYO:
  • Experience- Our highly trained and certified Engineers are always available to assist.
  • Reliable – 24/7 Fast response for Onsite and Remote Support.
  • Peace of mind – with around the clock monitoring and maintenance you never wait till disasters happen.