Technology Services

Customers are demanding more every day—and they’re changing their minds more. Markets are becoming saturated, but new markets are opening up all the time. Fierce rivals are arriving from everywhere. Shareholders insist that costs stay low. New regulations keep on coming.

And, throughout, technology continually changes the rules of competition in significant ways. iPads. In-memory computing. Cloud. Smartphones. Where were these just a few years ago?

Businesses are now up against tougher, more complicated problems that cannot be solved by applying yesterday’s thinking. They have few chances to try something new; opportunities are fleeting, risks are intensifying and assumptions are rapidly losing their validity.

The nature and pace of today’s economies require our clients to be bolder, faster, more imaginative and even more flexible if they wish to succeed, now and into the future.

To do this, they need an ally that intimately understands the dynamics of the marketplace and the interplay of technology forces. They need someone who will collaborate closely with them instead of telling them what to do.

We are that very different kind of technology provider.

Today’s top business and technology providers already know what to expect from SREYO: technology services and solutions that deliver business results—at a global scale, reliably, cost-effectively and to the highest standards.

But we at SREYO know that all of this is now just table stakes. What truly sets us apart is our deep-seated culture of collaboration with our clients, our technology partners and across our own organization. Collaboration is the common thread that runs through our clients’ experience with us, and is the catalyst for the delivery of results.

In summary, we offer:

  • Global reach. Our delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deep industry and technology skills.

  • World-class delivery capabilities. The SREYO Network has one of the largest and most diversified group of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.

  • Industry-specific solutions. Our industry experience enables us to deliver everything from point solutions for one function within one industry to large, long-term outsourcing services, and complex systems integration that spans multiple businesses and functions.

  • Wide range of alliances. We have the industry’s widest range of alliances with top technology providers—SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and many more. 

  • Innovation that drives growth. Practical innovations improve efficiency, cut costs, redefine business models and enable IT to drive business growth.

  • Top talent. We employ the industry’s top talent, whether measured in knowledge, skills and ability or in character, attitude and commitment.