Better Solutions and Services

SREYO is committed to work as your Business partner through delivering reliable and high standard solutions.  We understand our client’s needs and demands regardless of the size of their business industry or their needs.

Clients from the banking, financial, payment sectors or manufacturing, industrial, distribution, or governmental, educational, medical approach us with their unique operations and needs.  As a managed service provider we understand that every client has a core business to focus on to generate growth.  We make the decision easy.

Do you use electricity or bandwidth?  Have you ever considered creating your own electricity or bandwidth? 

The answer is simple and although we may have failovers or backups, we rely on efficient service providers to ensure maintenance of the our critical utilities.


Why Choose SREYO as your business partner?

What SREYO offers your business is not just a solution or service, we offer a commitment to an outstanding partnership to help your operations roll forward for better growth of your Company and the bottom line.

We offer solutions and services geared from Business Operations, Managed Services including but not limited to Technology Services, Financial Services, Marketing Services and Post-Production Services.


SREYO has offices in New York, NY; Lake Success, NY; Irving, TX; Orlando, FL; Dubai, UAE; Kuwait, KU; Technopark, IN.  Our global presence is focused on leveraging managed services and solutions within hands reach for fraction of the cost and headache free.

SREYO founded in New York, NY in 2002 and is an acronym for Solutions, Reliability, Efficiency for Your Operations.  Vowing to bring the Better Way to services and solutions that makes business operations a lot more easier for COO's and Executive Boards.